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TEAL Directors

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Linda Schultz - Teaching as a Profession Pathway

Carli Bryan-Early Childhood Development Pathway

FFEA Brings home the ribbons!

Ms. Heidi Kochis TEAL Academy Guest Speaker Sharing information on the FFEA Conference October 17, 2017

Teaching Academy Class Progression

Teaching Education And Learning Academy

· There are two pathways in the TEAL Academy: Early childhood Education and Elementary/Secondary Education.

Early Childhood Education Track

· The avenue of early childhood is a unique career education pathway in which high school students will prepare for careers in child related occupations.

· Students take course towards earning certification with the Department of Children and Families

· Students can also earn their Early Childhood Professional Certificate (ECPC).

· .Career possibilities may include teaching in a preschool, childcare setting or becoming a childcare facility owner.

Elementary/Secondary Education Track

· This career pathway also offers a core component teaching courses which allow students to explore the field of education as a career possibility.

Students’ educational journey in this pathway include the following courses:

· Year 1: Introduction to Teaching Principles

· Year 2: Human Growth & Development

· Year 3: Curriculum & Instruction

· Year 4: Internship

· Both education pathways include opportunities for students to apply newly acquired educational skills while working hands-on with the Atlantic SharkPups, a Volusia County Schools Voluntary Prekindergarten Program.

Atlantic Students work with PALS program in VPK


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