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Atlantic Tutors for the SAT/ACT

Atlantic offers SAT/ACT tutoring

Twice a year, Atlantic HS offers tutoring sessions for 7 weeks on Saturday mornings.

Fall Session begins October 8-November 19, Saturdays, 8 am - 11 am

Covering all topics from SAT/ACT

To sign up- go see Mrs. Smith in the media center. Deadline is September 20 to sign up.

All participants will receive the 2016 SAT Prep Princeton Review Book. Taught by Mr. Booher and Mrs. Hanson

Suggested dates to take either the SAT or ACT if you are doing tutoring would be the 2016 December dates.

SAT vs. ACT Which is right for you?

DSC Tutoring for the SAT/ACT

DSC SAT/ACT Tutoring

April 2- Join us from 8 am - Noon to receive testing assistance.

Daytona Math Tutoring for the SAT