Mrs. Morrow and her keyboard classes will have their keyboard recital in the auditorium on May 4th at 6:30 pm in the theater. This recital is the final result of all the classmate's hard work both in and outside the classroom.  Each student who is involved in Keyboard 1 or 2 will be performing a minimum two page piano recital piece that some have been preparing since February and March. The classes range from beginners to those who have been playing for years. They have been practicing daily in the classroom on their pieces under the guidance of Mrs. Morrow and some students have been practicing at home as well.  
It can be very tough for a person to perform on the piano in front of an audience, especially those who just started playing this year, so these students should be congratulated for their time, effort and mental preparation for the event. Some students feel ready, some are nervous, and some a combination of both!  "I think I'm ready for the recital," a keyboard student commented. "I've been working really hard, so I hope it pays off." 
Mrs. Morrow also commented saying, "I am excited [ for the recital]. I know the kids are nervous but they should perform their pieces." 
All are invited to attend the event and to support their classmates who will be performing their piece. They all would appreciate the peer support at the event, so come and listen to some music! 
 If you wish to have more information,  see Mrs. Morrow in the chorus room.