For the protection of your child’s confidential information, we have created the following secure procedures for establishing a Parent Portal account. To establish a parent portal account online, you must have a valid email address, the student’s birth date, alpha code and a valid Parent PIN. You will receive your parent pin by a letter sent home from your child’s school. If you did not receive the letter, please contact the school.  


Go to district website , then select the Parents tab and Parent Portal. Or go directly to to set up an account. 

  1.   Click Create Account 


  1. Enter the Parent information in all the required fields.  


  1. Enter the Parent/Guardian First Name as it appears on Driver’s License and on the emergency card. 

  1. Enter the Parent/Guardian Last Name as it appears on Driver’s License and on the emergency card. 

  1. Enter a valid Email Address. This email address will be your username. (VCS employees use a personal email address and not your VCS issued email.) 

  1. Create Password to sign into the Volusia Parent Portal. 

  1. Retype Password to verify to password. 

  1. Check the box I’m not a robot. 

  1. Click Submit 


  1.  Click I would like to Add a Child who is already enrolled.  




  1. Enter the Student information in all the required fields to identify your child. Multiple children cannot be added at one time; an option to add another child will be available in the next step.  


  1. Enter the student’s Alpha ID in all caps 

  1. Enter the student’s Birthdate.  

  1. Enter the student’s PIN. This PIN is given in the pin letter sent home from the school.  

  1. Check the box I’m not a robot. 

  1. Click Add Student 

  1. You will then see the name of your student. You can choose to add another child (see step 6) or click go to the Parent Portal.  


Or you may see this screen below. If this screen is shown you will need to go to your child’s school to make sure your information is correct in the system and to verify your identity. 

Text Box 


  1. To add another child, click I would like to Add A Child who is already enrolledYou will need to repeat step 4. You will need the PIN number for your other child as well as their alpha and birthdate. 


  1. An email will be sent to the email address on file stating that access has been granted for the students identified, as well as others who have access to this student. An additional link to the parent portal account will also be available.  


  1.   After setting up a Parent Portal account, you can access it by going to the district website , then select the Parents tab and Parent Portal. Or go directly to  


Enter your username which is the email address you registered with 

 and password you created. Click Log In. 











Custody Alert: 

Once in the Parent Portal, some parents may see the alert below. You will then need to go to your child’s school to identify who you are with a driver’s license or photo id and the school will need to verify your account.  

Text Box 


Setup Notifications 

Parents can subscribe to email notifications and determine the frequency and areas of summary included in the notifications 

  1. Go to the Parent Portal screen. 

  1. Find the Email Notifications box.   


  1. Enter the email address.   

  1. Click Save 

  1. This will send a verification email. When hovering over the  you will see the email status message. Once you verify your email from the verification email.  symbol will change once the email is verified. Notifications cannot be set until the email address is verified.  


Once your email is verified you will see this email status message  

  1. Define the type of emails to receive in the summary type. 


If Custom is selected, there are options to set thresholds for when notifications are sent about grades, attendance and discipline. 


  1. Hovering or clicking on the  will give the user instructions.  


  1. Receive a notification if the course average or course grade drops below the specified threshold.  

  1. Receive a notification if an assignment score drops below the specified threshold 

  1. Receive a notification if the student is absent for the specified number of days in the specific time period 

  1. Receive a notification if the student receives a referral.  

  1. Click Save.   










Forgot Password 

If a password has been forgotten, a new one can be generated. 


Parents can request a new password through clicking the link Parents: Forgot Password? Parents will enter the email associated with the account and receive further directions for logging in. 



Enter the email address used to create the account and click the Submit button.  


     When a valid email address is entered, a confirmation message will display.