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Attendance Procedures

Reporting Absences

All day absences should be called in to 322-6100 Ext. 38157 and leave a message. Whether or not an absence or tardy is excused is determined by the school's administration. Absences and tardies are not automatically excused when a parent/guardian calls.

Sample Definitions of Escused and Unexcused Absences (also applies for Tardiness and early dismissals)

Excused Absence (parent notification/documentation required):

Unexcused Absence:

  •   Brief student illness/injury
  •   Medical/ dental appointments (Dr. Note   required)
  •   Death of an immediate family member
  •   Religious holiday of the specific faith of the student (principal approved)
  •   Compelled absence (judicial)
  •   Natural/major disaster that would justify   absence (principal approved)
  •   School-sponsored/related activity (principal   approved)
  •   Other advance notice absences (principal   approved)
  •   Insurmountable conditions (principal approved)


  •   Missing school bus/oversleeping
  •   Shopping/pleasure/vacation trips
  •   Excessive illness (without physician   verification that medical condition justifies pattern)
  •   Failure to communicate the reason for the   absence


Early Dismissal

When a student needs to check out of school before the scheduled dismissal time, a parent must send a signed note with the following information:

  • Student’s name and alpha code
  • Reason for dismissal
  • Time student is to be released
  • Parent signature
  • Phone number where parent can be reached to confirm validity of note.

Students must drop the parent note off in a basket located in the Main Office before school. All notes will be called for confirmation. Upon confirmation with the parent, a checkout pass will be delivered to the student at the dismissal time. The student will show the pass to the teacher and can leave campus. A Campus Advisor will collect the checkout pass at the gate leaving the property. If the student returns to school, they must check back in through the Attendance Office.

Checkout passes will not be given to underclassmen to leave at lunch time. In order for an underclassmen to leave during the lunch period, a parent must come in to sign the student out. This rule applies regardless of the reason for the checkout.

In case of illness, the student is to get a pass from their teacher and go to the clinic. If your student calls to tell you he/she is ill, please advise the student to go to the clinic. The nurse will call you and arrangements will be made to release the student.

A parent/guardian must be present to check a student out without a note. This is done in the Main Office and you must have your ID. Depending on the time of day and the location of your student, this may take up to 60 minutes, so please plan accordingly.