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This is a GOLD level academy based on the Volusia County School District annual evaluation, meeting all nine academy standards. 

AEMS Academy Director

For more information, please contact Jennifer Spain at [email protected]

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AEMS Academy Information

The Aquaculture, Environmental and Marine Science Career Academy offers high school students real world learning opportunities and experiences in the environmental and marine related science field. Students in the AEMS Academy will take exciting science classes while also experiencing hands-on field trips, scientist guest speakers, environmental events and contests, and potential internships in their career field of choice. Their experience at Atlantic High School in the AEMS Academy will only further their passion and understanding for science to prepare them for a bright future.


The AEMS Academy director is Jennifer Spain. For more information, please e-mail Jennifer Spain at [email protected]


AEMS Advisory Board meetings are held twice a year and are open to the public. Meeting dates for the 2019-20 school year are on August 28, 2019 and April 22, 2020.


Please follow us on

instagram: aems_ahs

twitter: Atlantic_AEMS


AEMS Academy Officers


President –Noah Perez

Vice-President - Skylar Larsen

Secretary- Coleman Beardsley

Project Coordinators- Alexandra Badalato and Delynn Wellman

Senior Ambassador – Emily Cook

Junior Ambassador – Gabe O’Brien

Historian – Ashley DeMorro

Junior Officer- TJ Monahan

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