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See this document to view academy courses for each grade level.

Read about a senior scholarship program for students that have completed the course requirements of their program:

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Academies Overview

A career academy is a school-within-a-school that offers students academic programs organized around broad career themes.  It is a program within a school that combines a college preparatory curriculum with a career focus. It provides unique learning opportunities through extensive business partnerships, integrated instruction, hands-on learning, field studies, service learning, career shadowing, co-ops, and internships. Academies link classroom learning to career goals, helping students to find relevance in what they are learning in the classroom. In addition, academies:

  • provide students with real world experiences that help build a resume and gain experience in the work force.
  • encourage students to push themselves to higher levels in a challenging field
  • offer successful graduates advantages with local partnering colleges increasing the odds of completing a higher education
  • contribute to the workforce by creating employees who are prepared to enter into a career with the proper work ethics..
Students receive a more personalized education thanks to the team of teachers who work together to meet the needs of the student, both as a learner and as a young adult. Students who complete an approved academy program may be eligible to receive the Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars Award, which pays for 75% of the tuition and fees at a Florida public institution of higher learning.
Special Note:   All Academy students are eligible to participate in extracurricular activities offered at Atlantic High School , such as athletics and clubs, thus further satisfying the growing desire to be educated, well-rounded, and experienced individuals who can contribute to our democratic society as only an Atlantic High School graduate can!